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Eagle videos

Back to plain good old real life videos with eagles. I've watched dozens and dozens of Eagle videos on youtube lately and many are not that interesting.

Seems everyone who spots an eagle rushes to shoot it on their cameraphone and post it as if the fact someone spotted an eagle somewhere on the planet is exciting enough and a real justification to post online. There are eagles everywhere on the planet so seeing one is not that hard.

I've tried to be more selective in the clips I've posted on this blog and to include only those that have something that is a little different to create a full range of interesting videos with some justification.


EAGLE and RAVENS hunt in the snow:
I liked the video below because of the interesting POV shots of the eagle looking down at the world.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eagles Swimming

Unlike other birds that float on water (like ducks) eagle actually swim. There are a lot of videos on Youtube with images of Eagles around the world swimming.

Beautiful POV shots young eagle being fed by older eagle

The POV shots in flight are interesting in this video clip. Also the narration is interesting about baby eagles.
The clip is about the golden eagle.

Eagle hunts Wolves in Mongolia snow/deserts. Unbelievable.

What is interesting is that the Eagles show no fear hunting even predators. They'll attack wolves, Coyotes, Foxes without hesitating and from these videos it's clear the eagle wins easily. Perhaps that will explain the older videos posted on this blog in the past with images of eagles attacking a cougar and even a bear. Perhaps that is an additional reason eagles have become the symbols of almost every large empire as it is one of the animals who's main character trait is bravery.

Still images with history and explanation about Eagle Hunting. Interesting shots of eagles with eyecovers.

Although this is the last video post on this page, do go to the button on the bottom of this page : "OLDER POSTS" that will connect you to many other video clips of Eagles that have been posted previously with both real life eagle clips and songs of eagles by everyone from John Denver to Dolly Parton.
I recommend also checking out the various storytellers in the previous pages telling ancient fables and stories relating to the eagles.

Amazing Eagle footage PBS

This footage is interesting for the flight shots of the eagle in a very colorful forest. These shots of an eagle gliding through the woods is breathtaking.

Eagles in Alaska-The Eagle Lady

Alaska is home to a huge flock fed by the famous Eagle Lady.

Amazing shots eagles hunting ducks

Eagle Attacks Bear

This is truly a crazy video of an eagle attacking a bear proving once again that the eagle fears no animal no matter it's size. It is not only the king of the sky but also one of the toughest animals on the land.

Eagle Inspired Stories

It seems there are many stories, fables, myth's and tales of the eagle in various cultures. I have included but a few to illustrate them. The first one, I've included different story tellers telling the same story as it's interesting to see how different people tell the story differently.
It is interesting to think why this bird has been used so extensively for so many metaphors about life.

Eagle and Chicken Story:

This is the second version retelling the same story. The basic is similar but notice how some elements have changed making it similar but different:

Third retelling of the same story and again some elements have been changed making it truly interesting what stays and what changes in folk tales that travel around the world:

Prophecy of Eagle and Condor- South American:
This is a South American story that has lived for ages. It's interesting but might be a little different in the storytelling than regular western culture stories.

Another version of this same South American myth told by John Perkins who's info is below.

John Perkins is a leading authority on shamanism and is the author of several books on the subject, including Shapeshifting, The World Is As Your Dream It, and Psychonavigation. His latest books, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire have been New York Times best-sellers.

eagle and the condor time of transformation, wisdom, power, crystal indigenous cultures of the amazon andes mountains toltec, aztec mayan peoples.

While the info in this folks tale is not that accurate- the story is interesting and has been retold many times. The eagle has been given powers it doesn't have in real life- but who ever said stories are about real life. They are about stories.

The Eagle Story: Native American
One more story. This time a Native American one.


The next video is a little long and it's first half is dedicated to the history of Albania. But the second half is dedicated to the legend of the eagle in modern cultures around the world.

In the original Egyptian creation story we find a serpent and the primordial egg, which contained the " Bird of Light"(Alba,Ark). Eagle symbolized immortality, courage, farsightedness and strength. It is considered to be the king of the air and the messenger of the highest Gods. After old faith it looks directly when flying up into the sun, why it is also a symbol for the ascent in the sky and the release of the soul. Mythologically, it is connected by the Greeks with the God Zeus, by the Romans with Jupiter, and by the Germanic tribes with Odin.The eagle was regarded, as a holy bird, a protective spirit, and the guardian of heaven.The two-headed eagle later was an emblem of twin gods depicting power and omniscience. Albania is the Land of the Eagles, but the ancient (eagles)Albanians are located and mobed from east to the west to the new cities and countries that they created. They were called often Albania and Albany. These two names comes from term Alba which means daylight showing in the Morning before the Sun rises. Eagle is like the day light with its open arms. The symbol of the key that Eagle holds is mystery. Snake is what the Eagle holds often and the snake is a symbol of the key. For what door? East and west's gates between the upper and under worlds?
Snake is too the Sun(Snake)of the Underworld where the sun sets and lights to show later its light as the down for the upper world. Together the eagle+snake are the Dragon Sun. They can not be without each other; a dragon (snake) with eagle's arms or an Eagle is holding the snake or the key. As is above is below.They are One.
Alba,Albania and Albany means the same thing;means the daylight,which as an Eagle does fly from the light(white) mountain(tower,pillar) of east to that of the west. This direction of the Daylight,is the direction of the Sun Eagle for the Upper world(and the Sun Snake for the Underworld).
This move is the reason that Albany name is showing everywhere in the world,in east and west,north and south, up and down the world.So Albanians must be proud that they are called the sons of the (Sun) Eagle.
And who are the "sons of the Sun Snake" ?
They must be the twins sons,and both as one Son; the Son of the Sun Dragon.This Old Dragon has moved from far East to the far West.You find many Albanys in Americas and Australia, which came from St.Alban.These were Brythons or Britons who came from Gaul;Belgium,France who did mix later with Germanic tribes Angles to create Anglia,Britain.These ancient Europeans came from Caucasus where Albania was.But Rome was connected too with Gaul, was created by Alba's tribes near Rome who were ancient Albanians moving from Balkan,Greece,Turkey and Albania in Caucasus.There are the roots of these two tribes who left east to meet in the west as German-Dutch and Belgs-French.Their root was Albania,Alba,Al,Alans in the est,in Euro-Asia. Look the symbols in all the flags here; where the dragon,eagle,lion,sun is the Alba,light,down,east's gate,entrance of the King of the World.So the light moved from east to west, and so will happen again now in the new down.

Harpy Eagle vs. Sloth, Stellar Sea Eagle, Philipinnes Eagle.

A few more Eagles: Harpy Eagle, Russian Stellar Sea Eagle, Philipinnes Eagle which looks like a flying lion.
I found this video interesting cause it's an eagle we still haven't shown on this blog. The Sloth for those who don't know is an arboreal mammal indigenous to the South American Rainforests.

Russian Stellar Sea Eagle: The largest eagle

Philippine Eagle (Monkey-eating Eagle)
The Majestic Philippine Eagle crowned by a royal head crest like a Lion's mane. In spite of a seven-foot broad wingspan flying low, navigating in steep dense rainforest.
Some have called this bird the LORD OF THE SKY.

Eagle catching birds in mid air.

What's interesting in this video is how fast the eagle is. I had to watch this video a few times to actually see how the eagle captures a bird in mid air.

Amazing images of Eagle catching fish

Fish Eagle vs Flamingo

This is a segment from a BBC documentary. Shots are very professional and beautiful. There was no embedding so you will have to link directly to to view the video.
In the video is a Fish Eagle.

Cougar vs. Eagle

This time eagle doesn't win- or at least not by the end of the video- but notice that Eagle doesn't fly away when Cougar arrives. It isn't afraid and is ready for fight meaning that eagle believes it can win cougar or similar sized large cats. (As the videos show, it beats coyotes, foxes and wolves easily so indeed it does have a chance against he cougar)

Kazakh Eagle Hunter Festival: Eagle vs. wolf

Kazakh Eagle Hunters Festival, Mongolia. In the final event, eagles are unleashed on a live wolf.

Eagle vs Wolverines and Deer

Eagle vs Sea Snake

Eagle vs two bulldogs

Eagle hunting a sheep

Eagle hunting a sheep.

Saturday, December 20, 2008




Seems like eagles have made their way to songs around the world not just for older generations but also to modern times.
How was we start a section about music without first starting with an Abba hit...

They came flyin' from far away, now I'm under their spell
I love hearing the stories that they tell
They've seen places beyond my land and they've found new horizons
They speak strangely but I understand

And I dream I'm an eagle
And I dream I can spread my wings
Flyin' high, high, I'm a bird in the sky
I'm an eagle that rides on the breeze
High, high, what a feeling to fly
Over mountains and forests and seas
And to go anywhere that I please

As all good friends we talk all night, and we fly wing to wing
I have questions and they know everything
There's no limit to what I feel, we climb higher and higher
Am I dreamin' or is it all real

Is it true I'm an eagle
Is it true I can spread my wings
Flying high, high, I'm a bird in the sky
(I'm an eagle)
I'm an eagle that rides on the breeze
High, high, what a feeling to fly
(What a feeling)
Over mountains and forests and seas
And to go anywhere that I please

EAGLE THEMED SONGS: From John Denver's : The Eagle and the Hawk to EAGLE CRYS

It's interesting how many songs deal with eagles as a metaphor. Both famous singers and local groups around the world have used Eagles as the basis for their metaphorical songs. One can say that people use every animal in song- but there are hundreds of animals and birds and yet only a handful have truly been so inspirational for singers.
I've included here a few of the many songs. I wanted to show the range and how this bird is inspirational both for country and for heavy metal groups. One band in Florida even used the Eagle as a metaphor for the US of A post 911.
To show the range I've started with John Denver and ended with a heavy metal song post 911...

The John Denver song, the Eagle and the Hawk appears on twelve albums, and was first released on the aerie album, and has also been released on the greatest hits vol 1, earth songs, the very best of john denver (single cd), voice
Merica and the rocky mountain collection albums. live versions also appear on the an evening with john denver, live in london, thank God Im a country boy, greatest hits, country classics and lT the sydney opera house albums.
I've included a few videos people have done to this song. It's always interesting to see what youtube users do to famous songs.

I am the eagle, I live in high country
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky
I am the hawk and theres blood on my feathers
But time is still turning they soon will be dry
And all of those who see me, all who believe in me
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly

Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops
Sail oer the canyons and up to the stars
And reach for the heavens and hope for the future
And all that we can be and not what we are
Words and music by john denver and mike taylor There are three different music videos with the same song. It's interesting the different POV on the same song:

This song couldn'g be embedded so to hear it and see the lovely and talented Dolly Parton do go to the direct link:
I've included a music video someone did to his mom with the same song. It's interesting to watch the low budget animation made for this video. The clip is composed of simple still shots of eagles flying over water. Only the water moves. The rest of the image is frozen which gives the entire song an eerie effect. This song actually has a lot of different variations on youtube including someone cutting it to images of Hillary Clinton.


Another eagle themed song which I thought might be of interest is EAGLE ROCK

Daddy Cool - The classic music video for Eagle Rock. Made in 1971 by Chris Lofven.

Helloween's EAGLE FLY FREE
The German heavy metal band Helloween performing with Shaaman their song Eagle Fly free. (There are a lot of additional versions of the song on Youtube)

Russell Morris sings one of his hits at Capers in Melbourne, Australia, Sept 2007. Another Aussie rock legend!See more at

A song that doesn't need much explanation what the metaphor is about. This one's from a local heavy metal band in Florida.
The interesting thing is that Eagle worded songs work both for John Denver country songs, pop songs and heavy metal songs...

The last song is not about eagles, but by THE band : THE EAGLES:

Native American Teaching Part 1

Native American Teaching with images of Eagle:

In the native American culture- Eagles have a significant role and it's interesting to watch various Native American dances:

Here's a gathering of Hopi dancers in Peru showing how far and old the myth of the eagle is:

Eagle Flying

Amazing video of Eagles flying.
The song playing is The Vanishing Breed. A Native Indian flute song.

Psalm 91:4
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Rebirth of an Eagle

The Adventures of Johnny Eagle

Hello World.
This blog is dedicated to stories about the Great American Bald Eagle.
Please share your stories in this blog or email us directly to:


Eagles have appeared as part of our society since the dawn of time. We've decided to include some of the many myth's and legends in one website. Enjoy.

Obviously how can we not start with religion. I've included EAGLES in various religions both Christian, Jewish and other.


The eagle has been associated with spirituality for centuries and has been endorsed as a metaphor for so many Godly traits. It symbolizes that which is divine. John the Apostle has many times been depicted in art as an eagle.

There are many religious and spiritual songs thathave incorporated the eagle theme:

This popular tune has many versions on youtube. This one had nearly half a million viewers since it's been uploaded in 2007

Another Christian song with Eagle Wings. This one has over 100,000 views.

Eagles in Deuteronomy 32:11
(Also interesting animation- very basic but food for thought...)